For my love, on his 34th birthday.

The day began with me and the kiddos getting up crazy early to make this ridiculous concoction called Together Breakfast from the tv show Steven Universe, one of our absolute favorites.

  • Waffles
  • Syrup
  • Whipped cream
  • Popcorn
  • 1 strawberry, perfectly placed on top.

From there, we took the kiddos to school, and took off on a quick get away to the mountains. We brought our bikes, hoping to bike the Mineral Belt Trail, but realized, unsurprisingly, that the trail was backed about 4 ft deep with snow. We walked along the trail for a but, had a lovely picnic in the middle of a snowy forest, and then decided to walk around the quaint town of Leadsville. We stumbled upon this badass, two-story Antique Mall full of old wonders, and with great restraint brought only a few things home from this place, adding a bit more quirkiness to our abode :) See below for our newest additions:

End of an Era.

Big Time Life Announcement! Today was my last official day as a worker/owner at Radical Designs. I’ve been here for 8 amazing years. I’ve worked with so many incredible people, with hearts and minds that endlessly inspired me. It has been difficult to say goodbye to everyone at RD, including the clients I’ve worked with over the years, some for the entirety of my time here. I’ve learned a lot, about life, technology, movement building, business, and more. It’s been a wild ride and I can’t imagine any better way to have spent the better part of my 20s.

So… what am I doing next? Immediately, my brother and I are booking it to Europe. For about a month. You can read about out adventures here: I’m excited about resetting my brain a bit, I think it’s much needed right now.

After that? Well, I have some plans. Not quite ready to share them yet ;)

Me and Tux, our friendly office penguin. Defender of Open Source and Causer of Mayhem.
Me and Tux, our friendly office penguin. Defender of Open Source and Causer of Mayhem.


Happy Solstice y’all. May the other side of 2015 bring you inspiration, clarity, passion, and drive.

also: this song. ugh. so good.


While we have the sun…

…sweet California Decembers. this song sums it up perfectly.

“Let’s take the time to walk together while we have the sun
You never know when temperamental weather’s gonna come
And if you want to face the death you’re never that far from
Just take a breath and sing to it when all the day is done

So sorry about all the sorrow in your life you’ll know
It’s true that all the ones you love will someday have to go
And everytime you say goodbye you’ll hear the trumpets blow
A serenade to the soul, all surrounded by the glow

If you feel all broken ’cause i left you there too soon
Just know that it’s not up to you to make the flowers wilt or bloom
And if you think you’re lonely then just listen for the tune
Of all the stars i left for you in the chest of the moon

If you want to shake whatever separates you from
The holiness you want to make your life on earth become
Live your life with a compassion you can be proud of
Then let your last breath fade away with dignity and love

Let’s take the time to walk together while we have the sun
You never know when temperamental weather’s gonna come
And if you want to face the death you’re never that far from
Just take a breath and sing to it when all the day is done…”

~Mirah, While We Have the Sun

Spring has sprung!

It’s windy as hell, but the sun is out, and I’m thankful for that. Been stuck under a huge pile of work lately, but going home with the sun still out is fantastic. Can’t complain.

Working on a new ‘phoenix’ number, bought a bunch of lovely fire-toned fabric a few weeks ago and am excited to put it all together and rise from my own ashes.

Going to Lightning in a Bottle at the end of May! Good times.

Bike got stolen. Got a new bike. This one’s cuter and hurts less to ride.

Got a new worm bin! Early secret birthday present <3 Just what I’ve always wanted but have been to cheap and stubborn to invest in. I hope my worms will be pleased with their new home.

Must must get back to aerials at least once a week.

Must stop looking at corsets on the internet. *sigh

Birthday plans? Coming on 25 in June… hmm…

April is a wonderful month on account of so very many birthdays in my family.

That is all for now. Just realized I never actually posted about She’s Geeky back in Jan, and that makes me sad. Maybe I’ll try to collect my thoughts from that and recap a bit.


Shabbat Thoughts

Another week gone by (month, really… hello February!). Many exciting things happening in the land of suz. May as well make a list of things I’d like to one day tell you more about.

She’s Geeky

Last weekend I attended a conference called She’s Geeky, for self-identified geeky womens to get together and… well, geek out. AND GEEK OUT WE DID! on everything from technology to science to running a business to sex and gender politics on the internet. holy nerdfest, batman. it was awesome. i will have more to report once the wiki is back up on their site. hope that’s soon, because I’ll probably forget to check for it if too much time goes by.


J-Lips and i are moving! wahoo! No worries, Lipshpul fans, we’re only going about a mile away. Into Oakland-proper. No more of this “Google-maps-thinks-we’re-in-emeryville” shit. aaaand it’s a HOUSE! with CLOSETS! and a PORCH! Very exciting. the place kinda just fell into our laps (that is, after J spent tireless hours scouring craigslist, love this girl). so woot to that.

The Convent Collective Show

Through my darling friend Natasha, i’ve been introduced to Miss Fox and The Convent Collective. Awesome space, a real former convent turned into a co-living/co-working space for about 20 artist-types. Gorgeous house, complete with chapel, confessional booth, and an amazing view of the SF skyline. Giggity. i have been asked to coordinate a few acts for an upcoming St. Valentine’s Day Performance and Rooftop Party Extravaganza. Stoked. Many good friends involved, it will be a blast. The night will include many different kinds of entertainment: burlesque, singing, hat juggling, musicians, couples’ games, private confessions, rooftop DJ’s, hookah, fire pits, bubbly beverages and chocolate treats… just to name a few. An evening of pure indulgence. The only bummer is that it’s on a Monday. Also not looking forward to the madness of planning a show and packing for a move all at once.

Facilitating conversations about community service with Jon’s youth group

Last night i facilitated a discussion for my brother’s youth group (BBYO) chapter about volunteering. They’ve done some work around homeless outreach, and have been feeling inspired lately to explore the wide and wonderful world of community service further. Jon asked me a while back if i could come to one of their meetings and give them some ideas. My response: “fuck yea”. It was a really great conversation, we talked about what it means to serve a community, how to break down barriers and avoid Othering, different tactics (raising awareness, raising money, outreach, etc.), and lots of other things. It’s an interesting angle of activism, coming from a place of self-aware privilege and power and asking “what can we do”, and not from a community that is vividly aware of the injustices doled out against it. i’m impressed and inspired and am looking forward to helping them find volunteer work to be passionate about. woot.

i think that’s all the big stuff for now.

…also, is it spring yet? because it sure as hell feels like spring.

other things i’d like to get into, because homegirl can’t put enough on her plate:

– russian classes

– piano classes

– going to aerials class more consistently