Spring has sprung!

It’s windy as hell, but the sun is out, and I’m thankful for that. Been stuck under a huge pile of work lately, but going home with the sun still out is fantastic. Can’t complain.

Working on a new ‘phoenix’ number, bought a bunch of lovely fire-toned fabric a few weeks ago and am excited to put it all together and rise from my own ashes.

Going to Lightning in a Bottle at the end of May! Good times.

Bike got stolen. Got a new bike. This one’s cuter and hurts less to ride.

Got a new worm bin! Early secret birthday present <3 Just what I’ve always wanted but have been to cheap and stubborn to invest in. I hope my worms will be pleased with their new home.

Must must get back to aerials at least once a week.

Must stop looking at corsets on the internet. *sigh

Birthday plans? Coming on 25 in June… hmm…

April is a wonderful month on account of so very many birthdays in my family.

That is all for now. Just realized I never actually posted about She’s Geeky back in Jan, and that makes me sad. Maybe I’ll try to collect my thoughts from that and recap a bit.


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