On reclaiming Winter

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i’m sick of being bitter about wintertime. it’s high time i took it back. all these years the ominous cold fronts meant little more to me than hiding from shopping riots and people being cheery because Christianity told them to be.

that’s all bullshit. americans didn’t invent wintertime cheer. people are extra chipper in winter because it’s shitty outside, and we have to support each other through it. we have to laugh extra hard, snuggle, come over for tea and stay a while.

summer made me anxious. lately everything has been making me anxious. so much going on all the time, it’s wonderful but also seems to call attention to how fleeting things can be, and i’m sick of that shit. summer flies, but winter is here. so let’s enjoy it, together.

winter is for slowing the f down.

winter is for reading an entire book in one saturday afternoon sitting.

winter is for long conversations that may require brief pauses for cuddle-naps.

winter is for taking time to write letters.

winter is for baking.

winter is for feeding your friends, the ones that care enough to venture over to your place despite the coldness. because it will be sooo worth it (wink).

winter is for making mixtapes.

winter is for facing every day knowing that the sun is out there, just hiding.

winter is for spending time with family. and liking it.

winter is for getting adequate amounts of sleep.

winter is for seeing your breath in the air and taking a moment to think about how wonderful it is that you don’t actually have to think about breathing.

winter is for loving how warm and cozy our bodies can be.

winter is for reflection.

winter is for delightful layers of softness. oh, and hats and scarves and gloves and thangs.

winter is for rosy cheeks.

winter is for reminding your friends that they too should chin up and enjoy the cold months. and then offering them some cocoa.

winter is for making things. extra points if they’re for other people. cherry on top if they’re soft.

winter is for watching everything around you just sort of freeze in time.

winter is for good smells, which smell particularly good in between runny noses.

things winter should will not signify (if i can help it):

– guilt

– hunger

– gluttony

– lonliness

– depression

– self-righteousness

– consumerism and/or anti-consumerist angst

– bitterness towards Christmas and its observers

– bitterness towards Hannukah and the popular notion that “it’s like Christmas for Jews, right?”

so bring it on, short days & grey skies. i’ve stocked up my tea cabinet, busted out the extra comforter, and am not afraid of rain while out doing POD outreach shifts (in all seriousness though, thinking about the folks we serve and how hard this time of year is for them keeps me humble above all else).

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  1. Suzi! I saw that you +Liked a WordPress article I was reading. Checked out your facebook profile and found your blawg (blog)! :P

    I’m going to add you to my “blogs i read” section on my site! Let’s link eachother from time to time! I like your articles.

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